A Fair Price All Year Round

A Fair Price All Year Round

As Black Friday approaches, we wanted to remind you that KAZARTT is a fair price from January 1st to December 31st.

But what is a fair price?

A price is not just a price on a sticker. A price expresses the value of a product and summarizes the entire culture, choices and economic, social and environmental practices of the company that designs it.

KAZARTT belts are made in Spain, fairly, respecting the environment as much as people, and in small quantities. Obviously, it costs more than a ZARA belt or other fast fashion brand, which produces without counting and without worrying about good environmental practices.

At KAZARTT, we no longer want this fashion that is totally disconnected from economic realities, from the humans who make it and without any ecological awareness. We have therefore decided to offer you a timeless product, at a fair price and therefore not to participate in sales or Black Fridays.

With no margin provided for extravagant promotions, our price reflects the real value of the product.