We manufacture in a conscious and responsible way, improving the quality and durability of each belt.

Environmentally Friendly

All our products are created from sustainable raw materials and in small series. We use non-toxic products with low CO2 impact and an environmentally friendly finishing process.
Manual labor and expertise passed down from father to son. This is why KAZARTT offers you a finished product of high quality and durability.

Our Workshop

The workshop we have decided to work with is located in the Alicante region. This part of Spain is known worldwide for its leatherworking expertise.
We have chosen to work with this workshop for three main reasons:

  • A human-sized company, close, available, and accessible;
  • Their commitments to climate issues and compliance with all European standards;
  • Their expertise;

Our partner has specialized in belt creation for over 30 years: expertise that is passed down from father to son.


Find out what we’re doing to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re proud of our commitment to protecting the environment, and we’re constantly working to improve our practices to preserve our planet.



A price isn’t just a number on a label. A price expresses the value of a product and sums up the entire culture, choices and economic, social and environmental practices of the company that designs it.


Products made to last

Our goal is not for you to buy a new belt every month. We want your KAZARTT belt to last over time.
In the past, fashion offered summer products and winter products. Two very different seasons, two collections a year. But today, what is called the β€œFast Fashion Industry” now offers you 52 collections: every week, new products. This means that quality is not important (you will replace your new garment very quickly) and it generates a lot of unsold items, which will be discounted soon.

In contrast to this fashion, KAZARTT offers you products that are not tied to seasons. Belts that can be worn all year round, with shorts in summer or trousers in winter. In addition, our belts are designed to withstand the test of time: a belt that, we hope, will be appreciated and worn for many years.

Did you know?

An astonishing 84% of all Bentley brand cars ever built are still on the road today, some of them still complete with their original leather upholstery and wood veneers. This makes Bentley one of the most eco-friendly car brands!

If a strong, resilient, and durable product is manufactured, it prevents the production of future products.
KAZARTT belts are quality belts. They are made to be worn regularly and to last for years.