The ideal size

Is there an ideal size?

This is the big existential question! Does size matter? And if so, is there a perfect size? Today, KAZARTT takes his meter in hand and tries to answer his questions once and for all.

But before we get to the heart of the matter, we would like you to take the time to look at your different belts and count the holes. It's done ? Have you noticed that all your belts have 5? And so, you are like us and you wonder why 5 holes .

The answer is very simple: 5 is an odd number, which will provide perfect balance (2 holes on each side) if your loop is attached in the central hole. Easy isn't it?

Would you like to exercise a little more? Now go back and look at your belts and take the time to look at which of these 5 holes is the most worn. That is to say, the one you use to fasten your belt (at least before starting the family meal).

Please note that if it is not the central hole (the 3rd) your belt will not fit your size perfectly .

So you have understood: YES, there is an ideal size ! But NO, it's not easy to find your belt with the perfect size... and even less easy to give a belt to a friend without having to ask them for their waist measurement.

How to measure a belt?

Before you begin, know that belt size is measured in centimeters. However, contrary to what one might think, this measurement does not correspond to the total length of the belt, but rather to the length between the start of the buckle and the central hole of the belt.

Know your belt size

In this video, we explain 2 methods to find out your waist measurement.


To find out your belt size, we suggest 2 different methods:

Method 1: Determine the length using another belt you already have

Do you have a belt on hand that fits you? We suggest putting your new acquisition next to this one so you know exactly where to cut it.
Note that if the hole you usually use is not the central hole of the belt, it is not your size!

Method 2: Measure your pant size

If you don't have a belt that fits your size on hand, no problem...
Start by measuring your circumference of the pants on which you are going to wear the belt. For example, if you have high-waisted pants, the size of the belt should be equal to your waist measurement, that is, where the pants loops are. The lower your pants are, the larger the belt size will be.

  • Step 1: Wear the pants on you
  • Step 2: Take the measuring tape and insert it into the loops of the pants.
  • Step 3: When the tape measure has gone around the pants, attach it to the front and take the measurement. This measurement corresponds to the size of the belt

Tip: If you don't have a tape measure, don't panic, use a string (non-elastic) to measure and record the length of the string on a ruler. This will give you the measurement of your waistline.

Bonus: If you know your pants size

There is a 3rd method: if you know your pants size, then use the table below to find your belt size.

Trouser size France Waist measurement in cm Belt size
36 70-73 80-85
38 74-77 85-90
40 78-81 90-95
42 82-85 95-100
44 86-89 100-105
46 90-93 105-110
48 94-97 110-115
50 98-101 115-120
52 102-105 120-125

Note: KAZARTT belts measure 120 cm. We recommend measuring your belt size for a perfect fit.

Now you can find out how to adjust the size of your new KAZARTT belt: