But... Why belts?

But... Why belts?

I am often asked… why belts?

Today, I’ll explain to you how I came up with the idea.

In 2016, I worked for Accenture. A consultancy company with more than 600,000 employees. At the time, I was a consultant for a bank and my project covered all of Latin America. A very interesting project through which I traveled a lot, learned a new language and met lots of new colleagues who are now friends.

As a consultant in a bank, a suit was mandatory. Traditional, blue or black for most of us.

But very quickly, I realize that despite the very classic outfit, many try to differentiate themselves. Whether it’s a colored watch, nice socks, a bracelet, etc. But what about the belt?

All the men had the same belt: brown or black. Why not make a less classic belt?

A belt that allows us to convey our personality, a belt in our image.

In 2017, I started my research and couldn't find any brand of belts that was both stylish and different. A belt that I would dare to wear on a suit but which at the same time would reflect my image.

And as my mother will say… when I have an idea in my head I don’t have it anywhere else.

At the end of 2017, I met Amandine who, like me, is a Belgian expatriate in Spain. Amandine worked in fashion for years. I met her on a plane to Belgium. Coincidence or sign from the Universe? I am convinced that the law of attraction worked.

I explain my project to her and Amandine believes in it. Together we draw the belts. And it was in October 2018 that the first KAZARTT belts were available.

A belt in your image 🕺

Today, KAZARTT offers you a collection of more than 25 belts.

Belts with a positive message. In life, you can be satisfied with what you have and still want more. It’s called progress and it’s what makes life interesting.

Some of us want more love, more success (depending on your own definition of success), more money, more friends, more recognition, etc. No matter what you need, you need to start by identifying it.

Once you have this goal in mind, determine the steps to get there. If you're looking for love, it's a mistake to think you have to chase it. Because we don’t chase success, we attract it.

So very often, you first have to become another person in order to get what you want.

Every morning, when you fasten your KAZARTT belt, you will remember this goal. And by the force of nature, you will attract him into your life.