Countdown to July 14th 🇫🇷 The French finally get their turn!

Countdown to July 14th 🇫🇷 The French finally get their turn!

Hello KAZARTT Community !

Guillaume here, your favorite Belgian belt-maker, with some exciting news!

Remember our iconic Belgian belt with the beloved French Fries pattern?

It was a hit!

We celebrated our flag, our culture, our gastronomy and our surrealism with pride and a sprinkle of humor.

But guess what?

The French got a little jealous. And they’ve been asking for a belt of their own.

Yes... they beat us at football last week.

🇫🇷 1 - 0 🇧🇪

But is it a valid reason to not give them a belt for their own ?


The French demand a KAZARTT belt

It seems our French friends couldn’t handle the fact that we had a belt and they didn’t. They don’t share our humor, but they certainly have their pride.

So, in the spirit of friendly rivalry and a bit of fun, we decided to give them what they want.

Introducing... CULTURE

We’re excited to announce a new belt model called CULTURE, set to launch on July 14th. Why the name CULTURE? Because it embodies the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of France, wrapped up in a stylish belt. It’s our nod to all things French, with a touch of Belgian wit.

❓ Guess the pattern ❓

While we can’t reveal the exact pattern just yet, we can tell you it’s going to be très magnifique! We want you to join in the fun. Can you guess what iconic French symbols we’ve included? Think about what makes France...

Join the fun and stay tuned

As we count down to Bastille Day, we’ll be sharing more hints and teasers.

Keep an eye on our social media channels and your inbox for updates. Trust me, this is one launch you won’t want to miss.

So, let’s celebrate this playful French-Belgian rivalry with style, humor, and a bit of pride. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

More laughs and updates coming your way soon!