Currently, Paris is the Center of the World

Currently, Paris is the Center of the World

As summer unfolds, all eyes are on Paris, a city that's buzzing with excitement and activity. Here are three reasons why Paris is the epicenter of the world's attention right now:

1. Preparing for the Olympic Games

Paris is getting ready to host the Olympic Games, one of the most significant and anticipated global sporting events. The city is abuzz with preparations, from finalizing venues to ensuring that every detail is perfect for athletes and visitors alike. The countdown is on, and I can’t wait to see Paris shine on the world stage.

2. The Tour de France

The Tour de France, the most prestigious cycling race in the world, has kicked off, adding to the excitement in Paris and throughout France. Cyclists from all over the globe are racing through picturesque landscapes, challenging terrains, and historic routes. The Tour de France captures the spirit of endurance, determination, and the sheer beauty of France's diverse scenery. Personally, I’m glued to the updates, cheering on the riders as they push their limits. (supporting our National Champ, Arnaud De Lie)

3. France's National Day Approaching

In just 14 days, France will celebrate its National Day on July 14th. This significant date marks the storming of the Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution. It’s a day filled with pride, parades, and festivities across the nation, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display over the Eiffel Tower.  But here’s a little secret—I’ve got something special up my sleeve for this momentous occasion.

A Special Launch from KAZARTT

Drumroll, please! 🥁

We’re gearing up to launch a brand-new belt model that’s all about French culture.

It’s like a wearable love letter to France 🇫🇷!

We’re keeping the full details under wraps for now, but trust me, this belt is going to be très magnifique.

Stay Tuned for More

As we countdown to France's National Day, we’ll be sharing more about this exciting release. Keep an eye on our channels, as you won't want to miss this unique addition to our collection.

Join us in celebrating France and stay tuned for the big reveal!