We share with you the full process of how a KAZARTT belt is created

We share with you the full process of how a KAZARTT belt is created

Since the beginning, at KAZARTT, our ambition has always been to combine style, quality and authenticity. Today, we want to take you into the heart of our workshop in Spain to reveal, step by step, the process of creating our belts.​


The choice of leather: a crucial first step

It all starts with the rigorous selection of leather, our preferred raw material. If you want to know why we chose leather, I invite you to read this article: the choice of leather .

We make a point of choosing quality leather, both robust and supple, to guarantee a durable belt that will patina beautifully over time.

Cutting: the birth of a shape

After selecting the leather, we move on to cutting. Our craftsmen, with their know-how passed down from generation to generation, ensure the perfection of each cut.

Leather, a natural material, has variations in size. With us, nothing is wasted! The scraps from cutting are reused for the buckle loop, fixing it, or transformed into key rings to give to you.

The pattern: the KAZARTT touch

Then come the details that make our belts specific: the patterns. Whether it's a bicycle, a glass of wine or a mountain, each motif is meticulously engraved, reflecting the very essence of the brand.

Assembly and finishing: the quest for perfection

Assembly is the final step, where all the pieces of the puzzle come together. The buckle is attached, the edges are polished, and each belt is inspected to ensure it meets our exacting standards.

Immerse yourself in our world

We are excited to share this video that will take you on a visual journey, showing the dedication, passion and craftsmanship behind every KAZARTT belt.


Watch the video

Each KAZARTT belt is the result of artisan work, a love of detail and a passion for creation. By wearing a KAZARTT belt, you are wearing a piece of art, a story, a heritage.