[INTERVIEW] Meeting with Guillaume, the founder of the brand

[INTERVIEW] Meeting with Guillaume, the founder of the brand

Recently, I traveled to Alicante to say hello to my partner, develop a new model and share my vision for the future of the brand. I also had the opportunity to be interviewed to talk about my journey and the story behind KAZARTT. Today, I am sharing with you some highlights from this interview, while encouraging you to discover the full interview on video.

The video interview

Discover all the details of my journey and the story of KAZARTT in the video interview.

My inspiration for KAZARTT

The idea for KAZARTT came to me while thinking about how we express our individuality. During my years in consulting, despite the corporate dress code, each of us tried to stand out. If watches, bracelets and socks were our allies, belts remained bland and monotonous. Brown or brown. Without originality. Without personality. This is how my vision was born: to bring the belt back to life and give them a personality .

The origin of the name

Many have asked me the question about the origin of the name KAZARTT. It is a fusion of "CASUAL" and "SMART", illustrating the elegance and versatility of our designs. But there is also a very personal tribute to my grandmother, Anne Cassart. To find out more, visit The Brand page .

The message behind every belt

With KAZARTT, I wanted each belt to tell a story, to convey a value. Imagine starting your day with a dose of optimism or determination , simply by buckling up!

My passion for more ethical fashion

I thought long and hard about what material to use for my belts. After much research, I chose leather for its durable qualities, its European origin and its lower impact on the environment. Learn more about choosing leather .

My team and our values

If KAZARTT was born from my vision, it is supported by an incredible international team. I collaborate with talents from all over the world, who share KAZARTT's fundamental values: authenticity, happiness, personal development and responsible fashion.

A nod to a special encounter

The KAZARTT adventure might never have seen the light of day without a chance meeting with Amandine during a plane trip. As I often say: “Nothing happens by chance.”