Progress: The Redesign of a belt, The symbol of an evolving brand!

Progress: The Redesign of a belt, The symbol of an evolving brand!

Since the creation of KAZARTT, each belt has told a story. One of them, the PROGESS model, carries within itself the very essence of our journey as a brand. However, just as KAZARTT evolved, it was time for PROGRÈS to undergo its own transformation. In this article, I want to share with you this evolution, a symbol of our own journey of learning and growth.

Progress as a fundamental value

Progress is not just a name for one of our models, it is a core value that resonates at every stage of our development. From our first sketches to the finalization of each model, we are constantly seeking to move forward, to innovate, to be better. And this quest for improvement does not only concern our products. It is part of our way of interacting with the world, of listening to our customers and of questioning ourselves.

The redesign of the PROGRESS belt

PROGRESS, with its unique golf designs, has always had a special place in our collection. But as a creator and founder, I felt this model could better reflect our current vision.

The pictograms have been refined, the seams added, and every detail has been redesigned to better fit the overall identity of KAZARTT. This redesign was not a simple makeover, but a concrete manifestation of our desire to evolve while remaining true to our essence.

Learning and evolution

This transformation of PROGRESS is the result of constant learning. It reflects feedback from our customers, current trends, but above all our ability to listen and adapt. Each feedback, each criticism, each compliment has shaped this new version. For KAZARTT, evolution does not mean simply following fashion, but learning from each experience to offer the best.

Here's a preview

Here are some photos of the first prototypes and the manufacturing process of this belt.

Available soon

Now that the prototype is validated, we are working on the production of this model. We also do all the product and lifestyle photos. Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter (at the bottom of the page).


Ultimately, the PROGRÈS redesign is much more than just a product update. It is a chapter in our history, living proof that progress is at the heart of everything we do. We invite you to join this ongoing adventure, celebrate each stage of growth, and be inspired by our journey to forge your own.