Reducing our carbon footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint

Today, and given the many questions I receive, I will try to explain to you the actions that I have taken and continue to put in place for KAZARTT, in order to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible.

First of all, I would like to start this article by saying that there is no small action. I am not going to criticize any practice. I think that just talking about ecology is already a big step.

Just a few years ago, businesses were constantly chasing profit. Margins had to be continually improved. Very often, to the detriment of ecology and/or product quality.

Today, new brands and young entrepreneurs like me are ready to reduce their profits because we are aware that the race for profit and overconsumption will lead us to our downfall. There are now 8 billion of us on this planet, and we are all responsible. Every little gesture counts.

For my part, when I decided to start a business, I was looking not only to do something concrete with my hands but also to have a positive impact on the world.

My goal was not to have the greatest possible profit. I preferred to prioritize ethical work and having a good conscience at the end of the day.

Here are different areas on which I focused.

Spanish manufacturing

The easiest way is to start with our local side. It is not complicated to understand that the closer we produce to our end customer, the more transport will be reduced.

I lived in Spain when I created the brand. And I had to go regularly to my supplier. It was only a few km from my house. Much more ecological than going to the other side of the planet.

But that's not all. Not only do we manufacture in Spain, but it is important to specify that each part and material comes from Europe:

  • Our buckle is manufactured and engraved in a specialized company in Elche (Spain)
  • Our leather always comes from Europe and comes from the food chain. Its tanning is also done in Europe and meets the latest European REACH standards.
  • Right down to our packaging, a cotton bag, which is also made and printed in Spain. Just a few kilometers from our workshop.

By choosing Europe, where wages are controlled and where there are “humane” laws regarding work, this of course has an impact on the price.

Even today, every day I receive emails from companies in China who are interested in collaborating with KAZARTT for the manufacture of belts. An easy way for me to increase my margins. But it will also increase my carbon footprint and I don't want that.

The Packaging

Every day we see more and more unboxing videos. Packaging is one of the most important marketing aspects.

And yet, at KAZARTT we have made the conscious choice to keep it simple and offer you your belt in a cotton bag. For what ?

Again, the lighter the better: this significantly reduces the energy used in carrying your belt.

But also, this cotton bag is much more practical than a cardboard box. We hope that you will keep it for a long time and that you will reuse it, whether to keep your jewelry, spices, cables, etc.

Grouped deliveries

Amazon and others have gotten us used to receiving our product the next day. Sometimes even the same day.

For my part, I have voluntarily chosen not to promise you this service. Parcels are dropped off at the post office once a week. This allows us to accumulate orders and once again, limit journeys and reduce our CO2 emissions.

We know the wait seems endless... but we promise you that those few extra days of waiting will be worth it. Think about the world you want your children to grow up in.

A short circuit

We try to have the shortest possible circuit: the buckles and packaging come from the same region of Spain as our workshop where we manufacture the belts.

The belts, once manufactured, are sent to Mouscron, Belgium. Since we regularly send parcels to France, Mouscron is well placed.

No deposit

An increasingly widespread practice in the fashion field: consignment sales. The brand places part of its stock in partner stores. And only charge for the parts they sell.

The advantage for the store: minimal risk because no stock is purchased.

The advantage for the brand: convincing stores more easily and making itself known more easily.

But once again, it is the environment that pays the price. Not only does this increase the number of trips, because you have to send packages and then collect unsold items. But in addition, this also means, therefore, larger stocks. The production of products must therefore be above real demand... and that is against my religion.

Moreover, brands that work in this way regularly carry out clearance sales to get rid of unsold products that have returned from stores at the end of the season. And the rest is sometimes thrown away.

The choice of leather

When I started this project in 2018, my girlfriend was vegetarian. At home, we never ate animals. And we bought consciously.

It is therefore completely normal that when I started my project, I asked myself the question about the choice of leather.

The alternatives today are vast!

I was offered vegan alternatives. But vegan leather is nothing more than plastic... Vegan perhaps but ecological? Whether you accept it or not, we are not immortal. So why buy a fashion accessory that will last 700 years before breaking down? Leather is by nature biodegradable and recyclable.

In addition, alternatives to leather and synthetic materials crack and deteriorate over time, whereas leather (if well nourished) resists. So... your belt will last over time and will not need to be replaced.

To find out more, Loom has written a great article titled “Is Leather Bad?”. As well as our complete article: Leather belt or alternative?

No sales, no incentive for overconsumption

At KAZARTT, we produce according to demand and in small quantities. We do not encourage overconsumption.

Our price is fair all year round and we detail it here:


A quality product

Did you know ? A staggering 84% of all Bentley cars ever built are still on the road today, some of which are still complete with their original leather upholstery and wood veneers (source: .uk).

Which makes Bentley one of the most eco-friendly brands. Because yes… we tend to take into account production and consumption only. But if we manufacture a strong, resistant and durable product, we then avoid the production of future products.

KAZARTT belts are quality belts. They are made to be worn regularly and last for years.

A timeless belt

No more seasonality! Our belts can be worn all year round.

We of course have some more “summer” models, in bright colors. But it will be a belt that you can very easily wear next year without feeling outdated.

Adjustable waist belt

Our belts are adjustable in size. How is this ecological?

No need to have a belt of each size. We produce XL size belts and each customer will adapt their belt to their size. Once again, a way for us to reduce the number of belts manufactured.

We work with several stores in Europe and they are all delighted with this system! They reduce their stocks and can meet their customer's demand. We do not force stores to buy each model from us in different sizes. Smaller stock, bigger selection.

No office

As simple as it may seem, not having an office is an eco-friendly move.

Because no office = no transport to get there.

Hoping to have given you more information on the actions taken on a daily basis by KAZARTT in order to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible.

As always, we listen to your comments, questions and feedback. Don’t hesitate to send us an email guillaume [@]