Visit to the workshop where KAZARTT belts are created

Visit to the workshop where KAZARTT belts are created

Last month, I went to Alicante, in the south of Spain, to visit my supplier, the workshop where KAZARTT belts are made.

We had already met several times during the launch of the project, between 2018 and 2019. But it had been a long time since I owed them another visit.

This trip was an opportunity to reconnect with the team and immerse myself in the artisanal process that is the pride of my brand.

Between the launch of a new model, a photo shoot, the discovery of our creative process, and the tasting of an authentic Spanish paella, this visit rekindled my enthusiasm for what we do at KAZARTT.

In this article, I share with you these powerful and inspiring moments:

Redesign of the PROGRESS Model

One of the most anticipated and exciting moments of my visit to Alicante was undoubtedly the launch of our new belt model. Or should I rather say redesign of an existing model . Indeed, the PROGRÈS model, our belt with golf motifs , was, in my opinion, too different from the rest of the collection. The pictograms were large and fully embossed while the other models have thinner pictograms with only the outer lines embossed.

I listened to your feedback and noticed your appreciation for the stitching on the waistbands. This led me to the decision to redesign the PROGRÈS model , adding these much-loved seams. But this decision was not taken lightly. Launching a new model, or even redesigning it, involves a certain cost: creation of the mold, prototypes, etc. The stakes were high, and I didn't want to make any more mistakes.

The redesign of PROGRÈS symbolizes our commitment to evolve, to learn from our experiences, and to respond to the desires of our customers. The result ? A redesigned model, more in harmony with the KAZARTT aesthetic, finer, with renewed elegance. This creative journey to Alicante was a crucial step in this transformation, and I look forward to sharing with you this revisited model, which embodies both our history and our aspiration to continually progress.

By going there, we created a belt together, tested the different colors and I even had the immense honor of printing the first of this series myself.

Here are some photos :

I am convinced of the prototype. And so I launched production. The belts should be available from September.

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Photoshoot of the team for Fashion Revolution: Smiles and Solidarity

If you don’t yet know the “Fashion Revolution” movement, I invite you to read this article . It’s a cause that is deeply close to my heart and that resonates with KAZARTT’s values.

To be able to continue to promote this movement in which I truly believe, I decided to organize a shooting with the whole team during my visit. The idea was simple: to highlight these faces, these skillful hands and these passionate souls who bring our creations to life. Fashion is not just about product; it is made of people, stories and connections.

Results: superb photos with lots of smiles and a pleasant moment shared with the team. Each shot captured reflects the very essence of our brand: authenticity, commitment and joy. This shoot wasn't just a photo shoot; it was a celebration of our unity and our determination to change the fashion industry, one belt at a time.

I am convinced that they will inspire you as much as they inspired me. Because beyond the beautiful belts, it is a great team that stands behind KAZARTT, and I am proud to put it forward.

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Video shooting

And while we're at it, we might as well kill two birds with one stone. Since we had the photo team on site, we also took the opportunity to film the entire manufacturing process for KAZARTT belts. It was a unique opportunity to capture the essence of our craftsmanship, the artisanal precision, and the painstaking attention that gives birth to each belt.

But we didn't stop there. An interview was also carried out, where I had the opportunity to share the vision, passion and values ​​that drive KAZARTT. These filmed moments offer an intimate look at what lies behind each creation, at the commitment and love of the craft that shines through in every detail.

These videos will be available soon, and I am sure they will allow you to see our belts from a new and inspiring perspective, where art meets technique, where creativity takes shape.

A Moment of Conviviality: Sharing an Authentic Paella

Alicante is of course the region of magnificent beaches, sunny skies and fragrant orange trees, but it is also the land of paella, this emblematic dish which embodies Spanish conviviality and sharing.

After intense days of work, creation, and collaboration, what could be better than sitting around a large table and enjoying an authentic paella together? It was not just a meal, but a moment of relaxation, laughter and sincere exchanges with the whole team.

In the richness of its flavors and the simplicity of its presentation, paella reflects the spirit of KAZARTT: a mixture of authenticity, creativity and unity. This shared meal was the perfect finishing touch to this visit, sealing our relationship not only as collaborators but also as friends and enthusiasts of the same art.

These are the moments that nourish our soul and strengthen our commitment to our mission. And of course, the paella was delicious, a true tribute to the flavors of Alicante!

A Visit Rich in Emotions and Inspirations

This visit to Alicante was not simply a business trip, but a real human and creative adventure. From the redesign of a model to a dynamic shoot, including revealing videos and a shared meal, each moment was full of meaning and emotion.

Beyond the projects and collaborations, it is the connection with the team, the sharing of values, and the common enthusiasm for creation that marked this experience. Every smile, every detail, every grain of rice in this tasty paella, represents a facet of who we are at KAZARTT.

I left with a heart full of gratitude and a head buzzing with ideas. More motivated than ever to continue this beautiful journey with all of you, to create, to innovate, and to carry high the colors of progress , authenticity , determination , and of course, optimism .

Thanks to Juan and his team, and thanks to you, dear readers and supporters of KAZARTT. Together, we continue to weave this unique bond that makes each belt much more than an accessory, but a symbol, a traveling companion.