How to adjust the belt to your waist

It’s vital that your belt fits: if you wear a belt that’s too tight, you’ll feel like a sumo wrestler trying to breathe in a suit that’s too small, which is no fun at all! On the other hand, if you wear a belt that’s too loose, your pants may end up around your ankles, and you don’t want to look like a penguin waddling down the street.

How do you know if a belt fits perfectly? It couldn’t be simpler: KAZARTT belts have 5 holes. If you clip it into the center hole, it’s a perfect fit! This will give you a bit of leeway, as we don’t all wear our pants at the same height. And above all, it’s aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we explain how to adjust the size of your KAZARTT belt. You don’t have to be a MacGyver. With a pair of scissors and a screwdriver, you’ll have a belt that fits perfectly.

A belt that fits perfectly!

KAZARTT wanted to find the ideal solution so that belt size would no longer be a problem. With a simple pair of scissors, we’ll help you cut off any unnecessary centimeters so that your belt fits perfectly.

Initially, all our belts measure 120 cm, equivalent to the largest size (XL). All you need to do is adapt it to your waist size with a simple pair of scissors.

Video : How to adjust the size of your leather belt

Practical Guide : Adjust the size of your belt

Step 1

Using a screwdriver, detach the buckle from the belt.

Step 2

Cut the belt to your waist.
Go to this page to find out your size and exactly where to cut the belt.

Step 3

Replace the buckle to mark the belt. This will give you the exact point at which to perforate the belt in the next step.

Step 4

Make a new hole. Use a hole punch if you have one. Or your scissors.

Step 5

Replace the loop. And that’s all there is to it! Your belt is ready to wear.

If you’re not 100% sure, we recommend cutting the belt little by little. And repeat the operation until the belt fits perfectly your waist !

How do you know exactly where to cut your belt?

Go to this page:The ideal size

The ideal gift without fear

Buying a belt on internet can be a daunting task, as many of us don’t know our own size, let alone that of our family, friends or colleagues. And yet, we’re convinced that a pretty, colorful and original belt will always please him or her.

That’s why we’ve created KAZARTT’s adjustable waist belts. Now you know how easy it is to give a KAZARTT belt as a gift: you no longer need to know your friend’s size.

Looking for an original gift? See our collection of adjustable waist belts.

BONUS: Create your own KAZARTT key ring

One of our happy customers, Pierre V. from Lennik in Belgium, shared this superb photo with us. We love it, we really do! We wonder how this idea didn’t occur to us before!

You know, at KAZARTT, we go to great lengths to minimize waste during production. And it’s really nice when our customer friends do the same!

So, once you’ve adjusted your belt to your waist, you know what to do ? Simply take the cut part, add a key ring and voilà, a stylish new key ring just for you!