KAZARTT and Green Friday: Commitment to responsible consumption

KAZARTT and Green Friday: Commitment to responsible consumption


Every year, on the last Friday in November, the world witnesses a shopping frenzy like no other: Black Friday .

If for some, this represents an opportunity to buy at advantageous prices, for others, it is the symbol of unbridled and often irresponsible consumption. Faced with this reality, an ethical alternative is emerging: Green Friday . What is this ? And why is KAZARTT firmly associated with it? Let’s dive into this responsible approach together.

The KAZARTT philosophy

KAZARTT is not just a brand of belts. It’s a vision, an ethic. Our mission has always been to offer original, quality products designed with respect for the environment and workers. The decision not to participate in Black Friday is in perfect alignment with these values. Rather than playing the game of massive reductions, we have chosen to maintain a fair price throughout the year . A price that reflects the quality, work and ethics behind every KAZARTT belt.

Green Friday: An ethical alternative

Born in reaction to the excesses of Black Friday, Green Friday is much more than a simple alternative. It is a movement that encourages us to rethink our way of consuming. Instead of giving in to the call of promotions, he advocates more thoughtful consumption, focused on quality rather than quantity. The idea? Reduce overconsumption, favor ethical and sustainable products, and above all, raise awareness among the general public of the environmental and social impact of their purchases.

Why KAZARTT aligns with Green Friday

As the founder of the brand, aligning with Green Friday was a no-brainer. First of all, because our production is ethical. Our belts, manufactured in small series in Spain, come from work that respects the environment and people. Additionally, we firmly believe that luxury and quality should not be sacrificed on the altar of fleeting promotions. By maintaining a fair price , we want to send a strong message: that of the value of a job well done, quality and durability.

The impact of responsible consumption

Responsible consumption is not just a slogan. She has a real impact. Choosing to consume ethically means supporting companies that put people and the environment at the heart of their concerns. It also means reducing your carbon footprint and actively participating in the preservation of our beautiful planet. At KAZARTT, many customers share with us their pride in wearing a meaningful belt, a belt which, beyond its design, carries strong values.

How to have a Green Friday

Green Friday is not just about a consumer choice, it is also an opportunity to reconnect with the essentials. So, this Friday, I invite you to another form of “shopping”. Instead of browsing store aisles or surfing shopping sites, why not disconnect and treat yourself to a special moment with nature?

Put on your boots or sneakers, and set off to discover new landscapes. Whether it's a forest near you, a deserted beach or a mountain trail, every corner of nature has something unique to offer. Breathe the clean air, listen to the birdsong, smell the scent of the trees and flowers. Let the beauty of nature invade you and recharge your batteries.

In this frantic race that our daily life has become, let's take the time, at least one day, to remember the magic of the world around us. It’s an opportunity to remember that true luxury lies in these simple moments, these moments of pure connection with the earth.

So, for this Green Friday, I challenge you: find a corner of nature, get lost there, and find yourself again. And if you feel like it, share your discoveries and moments of escape with us. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of the world around us.

Take a break this special Friday

Green Friday is more than just a date on the calendar. It's a movement, a collective awareness of the importance of consuming differently. At KAZARTT, we are proud to be part of this gentle but determined revolution towards a fairer, greener world. We invite each of you to join us in this process. Because after all, consuming responsibly is above all an act of love towards oneself, towards others and towards our planet.

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