Price Adjustment Notice at KAZARTT

Price Adjustment Notice at KAZARTT

Dear customers and fans of KAZARTT,

Guillaume here.

I wanted to personally inform you of an important decision regarding our beloved belts. After careful consideration and analysis, I have made the difficult decision to increase the price of our belts from 55 euros to 59 euros. It's never easy to discuss price changes, but I believe transparency and honesty are crucial.

At KAZARTT, we are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. This commitment comes with additional costs that we willingly embrace. However, it's essential to clarify that our goal is not to increase prices for the sake of profit. Instead, these adjustments are necessary to maintain our values and ensure the longevity of our brand.

The decision to adjust prices stems from several factors.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

It would be very easy to maintain the same price, or even decrease it while increasing profits. You cannot imagine how many leather manufacturers from the other side of the world contact me every weeks. They are ready to replicate my belts. I am sure that they are able to get the same quality as a much lower price.

But does China has the same standards in term of ecology than Europe ? And is it easy to control ? I don't think so.

And ... maybe I am stupid. But I have values. I really like the partner I am working with in Spain. And at the end of the day, I also like that I am producing from Europe and limiting my environmental impact. We need to think about the next generation :-)

Increase in raw materials

The increase in raw materials, transportation, and overhead costs has impacted our production expenses significantly. We refuse to compromise on the quality of our products or our commitment to ethical manufacturing practices, which are core to our brand identity.

Developing our presence in physical stores

As we strive to expand our presence in physical stores, there are associated costs that we must account for.

Agents need to take their cars and visit the stores. This only costs money. The agents wants his commission. The store wants his commission. Everybody has higher expenses. And me... I just want my brand to survive ! Price adjustment was mandatory.

New logistic center in France

Our new logistics center in France, while beneficial for reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local economies, also brings additional expenses. 

Indeed, as you might know until recently it was my father handling all the logistic from his house : no salary, no warehouse to pay. Thank you papa ! The good time is over for me (and the good time can start for my father who can now enjoy his retirement). I need to pay a warehouse every month. Which has also seen his bills increase the last months.

Firm stance against externalization

One of the most critical reasons for these adjustments is our firm stance against externalizing production to countries with lower labor and environmental standards, such as China. By keeping our production local in Europe and sourcing European raw materials, we maintain a low CO2 impact and support fair labor practices.

I want to emphasize that these price adjustments are not about maximizing profits but about ensuring the survival and growth of KAZARTT. We are deeply committed to offering you timeless and sustainable products, and these adjustments are essential for us to continue delivering on that promise.

The price adjustments will take effect in 2 weeks, giving you time to make your last purchases at a competitive price. We will continue to uphold our values and strive to provide you with the best possible experience.

Stay tuned! As in the coming days, I will share a transparent breakdown of the price, giving you insight into the factors driving this change.

Thank you for being part of the KAZARTT journey.

Warm regards,

Guillaume, Founder of KAZARTT