Mark is happy. Guillaume a bit less...

Mark is happy. Guillaume a bit less...

As you might know, KAZARTT is still heavily dependent on acquisition. And our customer acquisition relies mainly (to not say completely) on Meta.

Last week, we have decided to change the strategy. We created a new campaign, entirely dedicated to one specific belt model : the determination one. Which is our best seller.

This means we have to start from scratch. And the algorithms of Meta might take a bit of time to learn again.

So... it's normal that when you do a pivot of strategy, in the first days, you see some deterioration in performances.

But here, it was not the case.

Immediately, the performance were doing good. And I was convinced that we took the right decision.

Until Tuesday... where we got our last order. And then NOTHING during 5 days.

Not a single sale.

However, everyday, I continue to pay 0.0000000001% of Mark's salary. This doesn't looks like a lot. But it's a lot when it's your own money. When every day, you wake up knowing that yesterday you just gave part of your money to Mark with literally no result.

Of course, I try to re-assure myself and tell myself that the algorithm is learning. That we need to wait a bit more. We are building an audience now.

But still... I couldn't believe that I had zero sale in 5 days.

So I decided to investigate a bit further.

And that's where I realized that few days ago I decided to allow USA to order belts from the store. So I created a new Shipping Methods for all my products, set up the price for US and ready ship go.

What I didn't know... is that when I did that, I also completely disabled the European market.

Right... No-one could buy a product in Europe. You could add it to your basket but then, you could not chose a delivery method. It was giving you an error.

Stupid me...

 This is exactly what I have been doing those last 5 days. Throwing money out of the window.

Mark is definitely happy, he continued to receive his money.

But I felt like shit to be honest. I was happy I found the issue. Fixed it and received a first order in the next 2 hours.