The KAZARTT "Roots" belt on display at French Fries Museum at Brussels!

The KAZARTT "Roots" belt on display at French Fries Museum at Brussels!

When I received an order with an intriguing e-mail address,, my curiosity was piqued. This isn’t the first time a French fry shop owner has bought my belts. But here, the site looks different. What a surprise to discover that our emblematic “ROOTS” belt, adorned with French-fry packet motifs, had been purchased by the Musée de la Frite in Brussels!

Puzzled, I quickly got in touch with the buyer, Hugues, to understand the background to this unexpected purchase. I then discovered the existence of a museum devoted entirely to French fries, the Belgian emblem that is the envy of the world:

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Visit the micro-museum of French fries

Curious by nature, I took advantage of a trip to Belgium to visit this unique establishment. The museum is packed with treasures, telling the story of the French fry through the ages, its culture and its impact on Belgian gastronomy.

Every four months, the site is transformed, reflecting the changing exhibitions and adapting to the inspirations and talents of the guest artists.

And the icing on the cake? Our “ROOTS” belt is proudly on display, alongside old fry machines, vintage advertising and other objets d’art related to this delicious delicacy. It’s a great source of pride to see a KAZARTT product included in this cultural heritage.

Offset urban bed and breakfast

For those tempted by a cultural and gourmet getaway in Brussels, the Musée de la Frite also offers on-site accommodation. A unique experience, just like our beloved “ROOTS” belt!

Home Frit’ Home is a bed and breakfast that plunges visitors into the heart of authentic Belgium.

During your stay at Home Frit’ Home, you’ll be staying in the Micro Musée de la Frite in Brussels, as well as in its exhibition gallery. Enjoy the peace and quiet, as the museum is closed to visitors at this time.

Don’t hesitate to visit the site and share your impressions with us. The fusion of Belgian fashion and food culture has never been so delicious!

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